Saturday, 8 November 2008


What with all this election business I gots to thinking about how the world has changed since the last time everyone young was united by being really into a new president (JFK), and about how the sixties was a much nicer, less cynical time to be young, and so then I gots thinking about how much pop culture had changed since then too. It turns out it might have changed considerably for the worse (and that had already happened 9 years ago).

Woodstock 69:

Hope, belief, unity, musicianship, acid being taken as a tool to expand consciousness, respect for one's fellow man, free love.

Woodstock 99:

Negativity, violence, grown men dressed clowns spraying fizzy pop on each other, rapping along to a tape, constant swearing, about twenty reported rapes.

I hope they have one in 2029.

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