Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Camden Town: Does it ever end?

Camden can even shit all over a canal-side walk in the sun by peppering the causeway with crackheads and miscreants. I don't want to get all Daily Mail about it but shouldn't there be people at hand to deal with sobbing mentalists rolling on the floor in public? We're probably not doing this guy any favours by letting him express himself like this. Maybe I should have stopped to help instead of taking a photo. I'd rather not have to though, sorry.


Anonymous said...

Most of London's care-in-the-community contingent are housed in Camden, hence the nutters. I used to have to get a bus to school sat next to some tiny midget woman who would go on about Nazis while cutting her hair with a massive pair of scissors.

She was better than the fat blonde who used to get on the bus wearing only a swimsuit and a bottle of tequila, mind.

Anonymous said...

Camden Town is the only place that London's middle class teens can see Care in the Community at work. They don't let crackheads into Highgate. It's like an after-school special to those kids.