Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A pretty underhand prank

I know it's pretty backward that Bruno's never heard of Fubar but that's nothing compared to some of the things people are willing to believe in outside of the Western world. These two geniuses had their faces tattooed after their village chief in Indonesia, Sawiyono, told them he had received a text message from a government official offering them work as Jakarta intelligence officers, a job requirement being that they must have their faces tattooed with dragons. On the basis of a single text message Nanang, 30, and Bambang, 40, yeah that's right, 30 and 40, willingly went ahead with it and were pretty bummed when it turned out that it wasn't really required of them at all. Now, as you can imagine, they feel pretty stupid and are doing a massive backpedal and trying to save face by claiming the trickster was a kind of mystic and they didn't feel in control of their actions at all when they were doing it. Whatever douchebags, you got Punk'd, fair and square, live with it.

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