Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Yo! Sushi

I went to Yo! Sushi last night. Going to Yo! Sushi is like eating in the future, everything is on conveyer belts and fizzy water comes out of a tap. I am into the sushi there because it looks and tastes like cartoon sushi -all the flavours and colours are exaggerated, so if you're actually the type of person who would happily eat Bodean's every single day, this kind of rich, unsubtle flavour wouldn't be too much of a step down for you. The other really great thing is if you're clever you can totally pay less than you have to, simply by stashing away your coloured plates in the sleeve of a favourite jacket or putting them nearer another punter, letting them foot the bill for your sushimi wrap. I did this last night and it went completely without a hitch, and I also stole a really nice teapot from a Chinese restaurant last week. I know it's not cool to do that sort of thing but it was expensive fucking dim sum.

PS Everyone knows the worst sushi in the world is made by Marks And Spencer, it tastes like smooshed up paper and catfood.


Anonymous said...

i have a california roll for you in my fridge

JIRO said...

I always thought about doing that with the plates, I guess I'm not man enough. I always assumed there was some hi-tech Japanese futuristic devise to stop people like you from doing that.

Anonymous said...

i am guesing where you got that teapot from. good fucking teapot i was tempted. even better dim sum and cake.