Tuesday, 2 December 2008

More Elvis Branding/Some Trend Prediction

"Get all warmed up, and ready to rock."

I've had this little beaut burning a hole in my pocket for a few weeks now- you can get an Elvis fleece, mail order only, of course. I reckon fleeces might have some kind of hipster revival one day soon. Coats for squares always get trendy, anoraks were big in the 90s (Britpop), at the moment you can't move for Barbours (is that grime's fault?) and so maybe in the 2010s Fleeces will be all the rage. We'll all be clamouring for that Saxondale/radio controlled airplane enthusiast look and all our girlfriends will be partying in ironic trouser suits or something that makes them look like they work in hospital administration in East Anglia. Do you think we'll wear Crocs as a goof too? Will everyone just pretend they wore them all along? That'd be weird. It's always gonna be hip to be square.


JIRO said...

It's all about Patagonia atzec patterned fleeces for 2009, I've been ridiculed so far, but soon, mark my words.

Anonymous said...

you think about things way too much bob. stick to varsity jacket i'm not ready for another 4 month style crisis