Sunday, 14 December 2008

I <3 Easy Listening

Suffering from a cumulative 3 day hangover and about 4 hours sleep is not fun. Even watching Goodfellas seemed like a bit of a chore. Having to leave Tescos with only Doritos and no salsa dip because you're worried you're going to faint is no walk in the park either. I've found that tidying my room and listening to what I would term 'Easy Listening' tracks like these is the only thing that has made me not want to kill myself. Enjoy.

Crash Test Dummies - Hmm Hmm Hmm

Neil Young - Don't let it Bring You Down

Led Zeppelin - That's the Way


Robert Thumbs Downey Jr said...

i don't even drink or have a regular job and i hate sunday afternoons

O'Real said...

even though it should be good, Sunday afternoon is by far the worst part of the week.