Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sex on Tv

Jeez, I'd totally forgotten how embarassing it is to watch a sex scene
on tv with your parents.

I really wanted to go upstairs to read my new Viz annual anyway, but
as soon as I could be bothered to get up from the sofa I noticed the
the girl and boy on tv were starting to cosey up in her bedroom. Which
meant a solid cloud of silence quickly filled the room as everyone
twitched with awkwardness. There was no way I was leaving for at least
another ten minutes...

Fortuntaly the scene was innocuous enough and all they did was have a
blowback on a joint before he greened out and fell asleep.

It was worth sticking around for though, as my mum was completely
bemused by what was going on. The guy started acting all weird, eating
anything he could, with really freaky eyes. My mum was all like
"what's happened to him? It looks like he's on drugs..? ... is that
supposed to have happened just from smoking that cigarette?? I don't
think that would happen just from smoking a cigarette..."

My and my dad laughed to ourselves cos we knew he was smoking a doob
in the first place. Ha!


Conroy said...

i went back to my ma + pa's for christmas and my dad said 'yeah i've been downloading some of that anime stuff' so he chose a random clip to show me an example. And the one fucking clip he chose, there's a huge pair of cartoon tits hanging out of the tv. Can looking at tits with father ever be good or are the two mutualy exlusive?

Robert Thumbs Downey Jr said...

your dad watches anime?

i got the viz annual too

Conroy said...

yeah i haven't seen him for a couple of months, i come home and he's some kind of anime fiend, he's 54 or something.

Anonymous said...

i was watching same thing with my fam.
my dad was like, aha hes got the munchies