Wednesday, 3 December 2008

North Korean Fashion Trailblazing

Furthur to the fleece post, maybe this guy is ahead of his time, jackets-wise. My Grandad had one of these tasty beige numbers and it was warm, flattering to a fuller figure and nothing if not utilitarian, you should have seen the shit you could fit in that thing. The man carried a lot of dog biscuits, but he was never in a position to be photoshopped into his own army, if he was things would probably have been different for me lifestyle-wise, and questions like 'which type of gross jacket is going to be ironically fashionable in the next few years?' probably wouldn't feature much in my life.


O'Real said...

where do old people get those jackets from? Maybe shops've stopped selling them and that's why so many old folks wear them. They're really 'retro'.

JIRO said...

Thats photo must be fake, Kim Jong Ill wears platform shoes.

Conroy said...

Will we start wearing the same old man stuff when we reach that age? Those clothes just seem to hang around that age range and never go out of fashion.