Monday, 22 December 2008

Middle Class Mayhem

I am back at my mum's in Hampshire for Christmas, her favourite thing to do is iron things that don't need ironing (boxers, jay-cloths, tea towels etc) in front of the TV. She loves to watch detective shows about the middle classes killing each other off out of revenge, bitterness and pride. I am watching Poirot with her as I type this, and there has just been a joke that you can only find funny if you know what Brown Windsor soup tastes like, she chuckled a little bit. My sister just came in from riding and her medical student/rowing champion boyfriend is down as well. We just had some quiche and now my sister is asking me about whether her Ugg boots will cut the mustard fashion-wise in London. Is anyone else having a more middle class time than this at the moment?

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Anonymous said...

I'm about to go to Rococo on the King's Road to buy chocolates formy boyfriend's family to thank them for having me for Christmas. Still no.