Monday, 22 December 2008

Wife Material

Obviously I haven’t ever been abducted by an “English rapist, kidnapper, extortionist and murderer”, so i can’t properly relate to Stephanie Slater, who has been. But I reckon if I was kept in a coffin for 8 days and repeatedly raped with the constant threat of death hanging over me I would try to put the incident behind me and likely never talk about it again.

But that’s just me. Thankfully Stephanie Slater has more of a lurid interest in celebrating these sorts of things than me, and so she’s made her own website about the incident, with newspaper cuttings, a story detailing what happened and, and even put up some pictures of where she was kept, a few pieces of evidence and also a picture of Michael Sams – the guy who abducted her. The best bit is the ‘Random Photo’ thing at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, which is normally reserved for happy holiday snaps or things to make you smile. Stephanie uses it to display random images of her misery. What a chick!


Anonymous said...

Mr Misogyny

Jackson said...

Haha she was adopted on my 7th birthday.