Monday, 8 December 2008

Illicit Encounters

So with the onset of Recession in full swing, apparently there is 3 times the amount of regular traffic on websites like this which promise the potential of an adulterous affair. Big City Bankers are seemingly seeking an extra thrill in thier lives now that white knuckle ride of the 'Daily Commute' and 'Sitting at a Desk Looking at Spreadsheets All Day' has been cruelly snatched away from them.

Jeez, I wish some of the old bints on there were even half as fun as the idea sounds. This girl for instance is a right looker, but you can put your dick back in your suit trousers boys, because she IS NOT INTO ANAL SEX. How many fucking requests for anal sex does this woman get that she needs to make it the main focus of her page???

1 comment:

Robert Thumbs Downey Jr said...

i would probably want to bum her so i didn't have to look at her face