Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Chicks with Scars

I know it's not exactly rare to end up looking at pictures of pornstars when you're browsing the internet alone at night... So if you're tired of seeing haggard bitches so overdosed with facial tucks and silicone that they look like dudes in drag, you'll probably be keen on looking at real girls with gnarly scars and stuff. I'm not even talking about that girl from Hollyoaks with the little cut above her top lip (which was the only attractive thing about her), I'm talking about pornstars with hooves for feet.

Turns out Kate from Kate's Playground is quite well known for it. This site covers the whole issue pretty comprehensively (it even has some nude pictures of her if all this is turning you on).

She even plays World of Warcraft online, so she really is the biggest loner geek bone-on you've ever come across.


RDF said...

i would put my dick on it

Thurston von Trumpington said...

there are some really hot pictures of her. She's a babe.

Thurston von Trumpington said...

maybe she started to get her footbound but bottled out of it?

Asian guys must really dig this stuff to make all their concubines have it done.

Clifford Maxwell Price said...

I bet her piss is worth more than money in my head.