Saturday, 4 October 2008

Concrete and Glass: Lykke Li at Cafe 1001

Then we went to Cafe 1001 (I know) to watch Lykke Li. She was pretty good, Sweden makes some really great pop music.
As you can imagine the crowd was VERY middle of the road with a few entry-level alts, it was like the whole of Islington had ventured away from Upper Street for the night.

I think the promoters were worried shit was going to get out of hand so the put up this security barrier to keep the mob back, it works at the Post Office after all.


RDF said...

i hate entry level alts more than i hate normal people

Jake said...

Hey thats the back of my head in the shot looking towards the doors. Weird, I hate the way Toppers made my harcut square at the neck.