Saturday, 4 October 2008

Concrete and Glass: TV on the Radio at Cargo

Finally we went to Cargo to watch Telepathe and TV on the Radio. Getting in was really hectic and it made me really glad that I wasn't one of the people that had paid £25 because TV on the Radio were playing, only to spend half the night standing on Rivington Street before finally giving up and going to watch Selfish Cunt.

She's in Telepathe. We missed them.

Mischa Barton was there. Click on the photo - there's a terrifying woman behind her.

TV on the Radio were amazing. They played lots of songs from the excellent Dear Science and classics like Dirtywhirl, Wolf Like Me and Staring at the Sun sounded incredible.
This girl loved them so much she felt compelled to keep shouting "East London loves you". Her boyfriend had a tattoo of a heart behind his ear. I really grew to dislike them both.
Nowadays gigs are watched through the screen of the camera in front of you.
It was very hot.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't there but too have a hatred for that couple. In fact, I think you'll find that South London hates them...

paul said...
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paul said...


That's me in the green t-shirt all sweated up. Boy it was hot. Lost my glasses, phone and perhaps a little dignity that night.

Simply magic.


paul said...
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