Sunday, 26 October 2008


I know taking stuff from popular blogs is total cop-out cheatsies but this video on Lesley Arfin's page was just too precious not to post.

I can't really think of a better way to describe it either:

"This is like a barf wrapped in a douche wrapped in a cringefactor 3000 answering machine and the only message you can leave is the sound of your own pathetic life."

Although I'm going to try:

This is like those silent raves but amped up to 10,000. Smug, creepy douchebags getting together and feeling pleased with themselves for doing something totally pathetic and gay. The best guy in this is the Italian rapist who seems to have found his sensitive side.

(Proper post with photos and stuff coming tomorrow evening after I finish at the video game store. xxx)

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MIKE-IKE said...

NO dry Humping - i'm out, bet everyone who attended was bummed out a bit by that one. when you get to the point were you will literally hang out with this kind of crowd just to rub your dick against something living things must be pretty bad. mind you they're probably all so starved of human contact they turn a blind eye to all sorts of inappropriate shenanigins.