Friday, 3 October 2008

Great Idea

Conversation 1:
Daz: Oi, Markie boy. I got a great idea, we are going to make millions. Gonna be like pigs in shit bruv. We open a new bar on London Bridge, all the city boys will luv it.
Mark: Fucking hell. Thats a great idea. Lets do it. What about calling it Dizzy's?
Daz: Yeah. I like it. Sounds fun and a bit like a sexy bird thats stupid.

[6 months pass]

Conversation 2:
Conrad: Say, Paul, are you going for a drink after we close the deal to wipe all the money and western civilization off the face of the earth?
Paul: Sounds good to me. Where are you going?
Conrad: Dizzy's Bar, it's grand.
Paul: Disease Bar? It sounds fucking rank, what type of cunt would call a bar that?

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