Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The REAL eBay...

Do you know what this is? Of course you don't. It is a super rare, and very beautiful bit of artwork by Herbert Mullin - the Californian serial killer. The exciting thing is that this, along with memorabilia, art, scultures, letters, signed photos and postcards by/from all your favourite serial killers can be bought for bargain prices. Just look here...

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Thurston von Trumpington said...

Woah, some of this stuff's brilliant. Check out the 'poetry' by charlie manson in this one:

All things and on wings…around, around and some beyond
… Tom toms, echoes, snake dances? Wonder !? dark holes
in the mind’s universe - Ha Ha - Questions answering
themselves and the race for the mindspace only plays my
leftover faces, for the Astro wars have been won and the
cold people are cold in their own reflections. As knowing
settles in brains like dust – begging makes them feel like
they are OK as lunch is in their chest and the devils they
make become real from the shadows of their own doing.
Born a goat as all ships afloat, I see from behind a lot of
deadheads _ I was behind the judges, robes, chambers,
before WWII was over – 1943 to 87 in hallways of Prisons
sees a BIG PICTURE. Speaking of pictures, that cold chick
sent me one picture with a bunch of color prints over it. It
was lost, stolen – can I give you this doll for another color
copy of that transparent trip. The dolls name is Sam Smith
– This is not a bribe or payment . I’m asking for nothing .
The Sam Smith is asking you. Joking aside, I would like to
get a copy of that transparent trip. I’ve never seen
anything like that. Here is a picture that Phill did – well, that
Teresa Allen from the Marin Independent Journal, Box
330, San Rafael, Ca. 94415, sent me a photo that you
could see through. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was 4
clear plastic forms of red, yellow, blue - and it looked 3D
and I lost it . I was going to send it to you. I’ve never seen
anything like it. - a transparent trip. I was going to send
the doll after another, but thought I would just send it to
you as I was going to send you the other one anyway,
Easy, Manson