Saturday, 18 October 2008

Codeine Fiend

Cough syrup and Sprite mixed together sounds like it would be the smoking banana peels/'standing up really fast to get a head rush' of the drink world, but in actual fact there is a whole genre of music based around this rather adolescent sounding tipple. Stop me if you actually know about hip hop but I really don't and even though it was new fifteen years ago this whole chopped'n'screwed thing is pretty interesting to me, in a nutshell: they slow records down, play bits of them again and do this really basic, slow scratching over the top. The results are apparently what it sounds like in your brain if you've drunk enough of the 'purple drank'. not only is grim, atonal, depressing and slow, but everyone involved in it is singularly unattractive, from the south and desperately overweight -it's the fucking doom metal of hip hop! DJ Screw from Houston was the king of it, he looks like a poor illegal minicab driver and he did a mixtape called Codeine Fiend which is apparently a pretty good example of the genre, I am listening to it loads at the moment. Here's a link I leached. I am really into shit mixtape graphics btw, I am going to look out for those shoddy photoshop jobs a bit more in future and maybe save up the best images for a post here.

Here is a bit of DJ Screw in action (he gets in a car at the end, if the cameraman had been a responsible friend, he would not have let him drive)

(PS, DJ Screw is dead now, he died of codeine overdose in 2000)

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