Thursday, 23 October 2008

i - suck

Apple can have the little 'i' in front of their products because they invented it. iPod and iPhone. Great, it's their thing, it's what they do. The BBC can just about get away with the 'iPlayer' because it lets you watch video and listen to music on an Apple product. But can BaByliss really apply this to shaving?

How many parents are gonna buy this at Christmas thinking it has something to do with listening to music while you shave, and in doing so completely disappoint their kids? What the fuck else are bored marketing people gonna put an 'i' in front of to make cool? I'm surprised Keane haven't done it for their new album.

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Conroy said...

every company is adding 'i' or 'pod' to their product. They think some of ipods ''street cred'' will rub off on it. And ''street cred'' is definately the term they used in their meetings to discuss the product aswell