Thursday, 30 October 2008

Noel Edmonds - Evil or Not Evil

Only on answer - Evil. Much credit to whoever at Channel 4 persuaded Noel to dress up as THE MOST CONVINCING devil ever on Deal or No Deal tonight. I was really convinced for a split second. Noel wasn't even pantomime evil. I missed the first half of the show but from what I picked up, the guy playing was a reformed gambler who now has quite a few money problems and so was playing to get his life back on track.

Noel was intent not to help him though. He kept on goading him on into taking bigger and bigger risks. The guy settled for £8,000 quite early on and as they saw 'how he would have ended up', he was utlimately left with two boxes remaining (£3k and a £20k) plus his own (£8k). The Banker gave him the chance to come back into play so long as he opened his own box; no chance of swapping things areound. Obviously that's a possible £5k loss or a £12k win if the guy goes for it, and Noel really didn't let him forget that. He kept on reminding the guy how much of a real gambler he used to be and how much he had to win if he went for it, had £20k in his box and won it. The guy bottled it though and stuck at £8k.

Predictably, the guy ended up disappointed, and only had the consolation of loads of strangers dressed as zombies to tel him how much of a 'great guy' he is, despite the fact they've only just met him. He could be a fucking child molesterer for all they know.

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Bruce La Vrai said...

i quite like the look of the girl with the bullet in the head...