Monday, 13 October 2008

Dentists = Bullshit

If there's one profession in the world that is built on a leaky hovel of bullshit, it has to be Dentistry. What other part of my body has such a well-respected, intelligent, professionally trained industry dedicated towards it?? My feet look like shit: dry skin everywhere, toenails falling off, recurring athletes foot... But there's no way I'm going to some fruit loop Chiropodist. They seem like the Tarot card readers of medecine, in comparison.

And to make things worse, they compound the lie, demanding everyone to go to the Dentist every 6 months... Hold on, says who?? Fucking Dentists!

I'll bet they couldn't believe their luck when they pulled off that coup. It's like Milkmen suddenly telling everyone to drink 2 pints of milk a day, and being taken seriously. Who gave Dentists such authority in the first place? I haven't been to the Dentist for 2 years now, and ain't shit happened to my teeth. They're fine. From now on, I'm going to treat my mouth like any other part of my body and wait for something to go wrong before I seek medical attention.


Bartholomew Roquefort said...

"My feet look like shit: dry skin everywhere, toenails falling off, recurring athletes foot"

And remember girls - he's available.

RDF said...

get it while it's hot.

Anonymous said...

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