Monday, 27 October 2008

Weekend Jokes

This weekend I went out, on Thursday I went to Plastic People for XL's new signing's single launch, then on Friday I went to the Macbeth for International Amalgamation of Champions and Saturday to Blaise's for dinner and then Hotel Pacific in Dalston for some music I don't understand but actually enjoyed.

Rodaidh looking extremely composed playing sophisticated music.

Couples Djing (gross/cute).

Will, Will and Jon. Jon had a Queen t shirt on and he totally means it.

Liam getting down to Cro Mags.

Ted was at the Macbeth cashing in on being 'Jumper Guy' again. He probably got his dirty end away because of it again.

Barbours are still very much de rigour.

Chris never has a bad word to say about anyone.

Noodles and Broth team meeting.

Some doom band that were a bit like Earth and didn't smile much. They were good.

Fred throwing up some kind of gang style hand gesture.

Dan Knight was at the Macbeth, his band Ted Maul is supporting Slayer next month, he says you can get as big a guest list as you want if you give the doorman at the venue two grams of coke.

Bored looking girls are fucking great.

Some girl was handing out totally pointless and gay flyers. When will fine art students grow up? Shit like this doesn't make me think it just makes me bored.

Max Harrison didn't think much of the art at the Macbeth.

You know you're from old money if you have a book about pheasants written by a man called Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey, Bart. just hanging around in your flat.

Dmitri is a stand up fella and has recorded a cd of Elvis songs.

Chris is a boozehound.

Why would you let this get printed onto a proper plastic sign without spell-checking it? Why didn't the printers even do anything about it?

Hotel Pacific was the birthplace of Shirts Off 08. Rayner is gross but look at how much Jake of Feeding Time fame looks like a disgruntled paedophile at the beach. I think he wants you to stop blocking his view of the topless tweens in the nursery pool.

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