Monday, 27 October 2008


I know all hipsters are pretty rich and spoiled and I went to private school but I'm talking about those kids at parties who are worth twenty million quid-plus. To the untrained eye they seem kind of normal and you can easily find yourself talking to one, after a minute or two of conversation, however, you'll realise they may as well be from Mars. Have you seen them around? They can be hard to spot but you can get the hang of it.
  • They wear entirely monochrome outfits
  • They eat weird special diets even though they're boys.
  • They never know anything about music but they always know loads about fashion.
  • They don't understand Vice and think it's mean.
  • They are always super cheesy about how much they like someone.
  • They have Addison Lee accounts to get them home from parties.
  • Instead of wearing garish pretend jewellery they wear garish real jewellery.
  • The girls will talk to you but never sleep with you because they are a bit scared of going to your dirty flat.
  • The boys will talk to you but never sleep with you because they are always kind of gay.
  • They think Osaka Tiger trainers are acceptable footwear.
  • Their skin is great but they are a bit tubby from all the rich food.
  • They never come to the pub because they don't get how to drink beer.
  • Their facebook photos seem to feature a giant motor yacht and a lot of expensive looking sunglasses.
  • They never talk about having to get up for work.
And that is how you spot a richster.

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Anonymous said...

they have names like 'bob foster' and 'bruno bayley'