Thursday, 16 October 2008

Necro Pope

Woah, I guess the Pope was really into Heavy Metal or trying really hard to connect with the kids just before he died...

Ha! Of course he wasn't. Those of you who don't love the Pope as much as me will probably need to be told that is actually a Petrine Cross, a Cross of St Peter, who knew he wasn't worthy of being crucified in the same manner as Jesus and so had the cross turned upside down.

I think if I'm ever given the death penalty I'm going to make sure I'm upside down too. It would really add a bit of fun to being put in front of a firing range if I was doing a handstand, or to be strapped into an upside down electric chair (I'd let my body go limp and act as a deadweight to really make things difficult for the guards).

1 comment:

Bartholomew Roquefort said...

it would really make the whole shit yourself when you die thing a bit more interesting