Saturday, 25 October 2008

Pervert Alert

I never knew Flickr was home to so many fucking perverts. This girl has uploaded photos of her friends and invited loads of guys to comment about how much they want to jerk off on her face and stuff, and predictably the guys do. The best part is that by cliking on the guys profiles you can see their really boring holiday snaps and pictures of their wives and stuff. I thought that was pretty cool. And then THIS GUY turns up, and posts loads of pictures of him in womens underwear. Of course, he's not an idiot so he makes sure he doesn't get his face in the pictures. Except that he IS a complete fucking retard so he uses a normal picture of his face as his profile shot. I'd really recommend looking at his photostream; some of his pictures are so funny and warped I didn't want to put them on here in case somone were to walk past and see what you're looking at. Unbelievable.


RDF said...

i just knocked one out over those girls, but I really don't feel the need to write a comment for her to read. I keep that shit to myself

mike-ike said...

haha 'nice n meaty'

h.b. said...

Pictures of that guy bring back horrible memories. Fucking fat dudes is disgusting. Plus they have bad smell management. They start off smelling like a fifteen year old, they wear so much cheap ass deodorant - then by the end it smells like you fucked a horse.