Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I am an Anal Cunt fan

Anal Cunt are one of my favourite bands, I'm not joking or trying to be clever, I really listen to them all the fucking time, often on the tube to work because that is when I am most disappointed with the world. I'm sure you think they are gimmicky and I am dumb and I should be over bands like this now but I completely stand by them. They are these really gross folks from Boston lead by a man called Seth Putnam, a kind of Jim Goad set to music. Seth is an extremely physically unattractive horrible scumbag with a drug problem who is constantly on bail for violent crimes and spent 2 months in a heroin induced coma a few years ago, which means now he often just performs sitting in an arm chair, he is also fat, balding and past forty, he sounds cool huh? His lyrics are completely out of this world hilarious, they're clever and totally irreverent and he's pissed off about all the right things and he wants to annoy all the right people, I'm not going to quote examples, just read through the lot of them on the link, they are all gold, maybe we can post our favourites later. The music is amazing too, sometimes it's total blurgrind, sometimes you can make out a chorus ("BEAT BEAT BEAT BEAT BEAT YOUR WIFE"), sometimes it's really simple and doomy and sometimes there's a really brutal shredded riff. The speed they play at can be totally insane, Seth's vocals sound like paper being torn up and the guitar sounds like an electric meat cleaver. It is just the best. I love black metal but for all those guys' talk about hating PC behaviour all they really did was hint at not liking Jews and sing about the countryside, Anal Cunt takes that shit to the brink and no one can beat them (all those porngrind bands are pale imitations for pervy losers). Here is their discography, I reckon the best albums to go for are Top Forty Hits and It Just Gets Worse. Go get 'em champ.

Seth with his walking stick

Seth at a party

In more limber, athletic days

An interview

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blurgrind, smudgegrind, porngrind, watchingtvcore, makeitupgrind whateveryouwantcore.